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This page is dedicated to Palladium Games and has a huge amount of material for use with the various game universes. I try to add new material or update old material on a regular basis and this website won the June 1999 award for most often updated website. I try and update my website often so watch for updates and new materials. All links should go to another page and you should not find any links that lead you to errors. If you find any errors, please let me know.

Palladium Books would like me to list their Policy on Internet materials posted so go here if you wish to read their policy

I invite comments on anything on these pages. If you have any comments, if you wish me to publish one of your designs or ideas or simply wish to discuss Palladium books materials or ideas pleases contact me.

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Note for AOL users: If you are contacting me and you use American Online and wish to get a response, you need to add my E-Mail address to addresses that you will allow E-Mail from. The author has received E-Mail in the past from AOL accounts and when the message was replied to, the return message bounced due to this.

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